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Do you have Lengthy and difficult data? Come on!! Let’s summarize!!


How does it work?

When the user enters the text in the box or pastes it to the text summarizer, the tool peruses deeply into the text reading and going through each and every line. It identifies important aspects of the content and chooses proper sentences to display to the user.

It also ranks the importance of the sentence and combines them, if needed, and produces meaningful sentences. This helps the user to have an overall view of the content just by reading a short paragraph.

Step1: Format

Make sure all the texts are in word format or in .txt or .doc or .pdf or URL that can be copied without any difficulties or overlapping of the texts.

Step2: Copy/Upload

Select all the texts in the document or the text you want to use in the summarizing tool online. Then click on copy to copy the content.
Or Simply upload the document.

Step3: Paste

Open a web browser and type and click on search. Once the website opens, paste all the content into the empty box.

Step4: Summarize

After pasting the content, select the size of the summary and click on summarize button. In just minutes, you’ll receive a perfect summary of your content without any difficulties.


Summarizer Tool Overview

We have all been in that place where we have faced many difficulties reading long articles explaining each and every aspect of the topic that, while reading some might even forget the actual work that has to be done by reading it. At that time, we were not supported by any of the tools which can make it easier.

There are many websites that can elaborate a line and write any number of paragraphs relating to that topic but very few which can do the opposite. As we believe in delivering the most required tools, we have come up with the most useful and unique summarizing tool. One can visit our website to summarize any text.

Our main focus is to put the pressure off of people reading the whole book to understand what it is about and to save a lot of time in their journey towards their goal. This summarize tool is built in such a way that it can identify the main points of the article or an e-book and summarize it within a paragraph or two. It is also called a summary generator.


What is Summary Generator Tool?

This summary tool is a cutting-edge tool that allows the user to shorten the content by selecting important and suitable sentences from the text and summarizing it. In simple terms, it cuts the unwanted or extra lines from the text and presents the short but required lines to understand the concept in one go.

This tool can convert any amount of text into the required summarized form within minutes. The summary tool is the opposite of lengthening the content.


Features of Summarizing Tool

Finding a tool that can make your understanding better than before would be a dream comes true. One of the major factors that can help any user is that summarizing tools online is a boon as anyone can access them all over the globe.

Here below are some of the major uses of this summarize app.

Brief Information

In this busy growing world, none can afford to waste their time reading a ten-page article or even a page of text. This can be a very useful tool that can shorten the content and present them with a piece of brief information about the topic.

Key points

In some of the situations, users may not have the time to go through the whole content but rather be more capable of reading the key points and performing more effectively. In such times, this conclusion maker can come in handy.

Saves Time

Reading and understanding short content is far easier than reading lengthy paragraphs which consumes a lot of time. In difficult times, this text compactor can be a lifesaver.


Ever wondered how to write a conclusion to a big story or an article? Don’t worry we are here to help you out. By using a conclusion maker, one can easily get a conclusion to any number of texts. It is one of the highly used tools around the globe.

Available 24/7

As it is an AI-generated website, it can perform with the same speed and with high-quality results for any amount of time without any issues.

100% unique

When the content is pasted in the converting box, the data is summarized purely based on only the received content. We guarantee a 100% unique summary to our users.

We have build Summarizing Tool
for your success

You don’t have to pay any money to use this AI based Summarizing Tool. It is 100% Free forever.

What Can You Summarize?

The following are the list of text type that you can summarize with our online text summarization tools.

    Summarize Essays
    Summarize Poems
    Summarize Documents
    Summarize Research Papers
    Summarize Stories
    Summarize Articles
    Summarize Passages
    Summarize Books
    Summarize Thesis
    Summarize Blogs
    Summarize Journals
    Summarize PPTs

How is better than other tools?


However, there are a few tools in the market that can promise to make your content short but do not carry it. There are chances of losing the content and also, a chance of being misleading by showing unimportant texts and summarizing it.

Therefore, to eradicate this malpractice, we have built strong and compatible software. This can go through line by line and only chooses the right sentences and summarizes them by which one can go ahead just by glancing at the summary.

One of the major differences, when compared to others, is the time taken to convert the text into a summary. Our summarizing tool is powered by high-energy servers which can shorten the text in no time.

There are many similar tools that charge a small amount of money in exchange for the converted data. However, we have always believed in providing the services for free as it can be used by anyone in the world no matter how affordable they can be.

Who Can Be Benefitted?

This tool can be used widely in any of the fields. As it is free and one of the quickest summarizers presented, anyone can access it around the globe without any issues. 

Some of the major groups of people that can be benefited are below.


These days many students go through a lot of pressure based on their studies and couldn’t cope well as there is a lot to read and understand. To make them more efficient and to bring out their true potential, this summarizing tool or also called a text shortener can be used. This can help them in studying the difficult subjects and save them a lot of time to focus on their weak subjects.


While presenting a project or a file in big meetings, no one has the time to hear or read pages of presented documents in multinational industries. Their time is much more valuable and the presenter has to make sure that his/her consent is simple and effective. To convert the actual data into a short and efficient conclusion manually, may take a lot of time. Using a summarizing tool, one can make it easier and be more proactive towards their other works.


A teacher must be capable of answering every question that a student can ask and to be able to answer he/she must be prepared for it by going through each and every sentence of the book or a chapter that is too time-consuming. This may lead to less effectiveness as they have very little time and have more to go through every day. In such times, teachers can use this website to convert their texts into key points and by recalling them they can elaborate them to their students more effectively and easily.


While doing any research the person doing it has to go through several books or documents to come up with a theory or a solution or even a conclusion about a topic which takes days together to perform. Using the summarizing tool they can make their work easier and more enjoyable. It also helps the researchers to fetch the data more accurately without having to go through the texts. This tool can be really helpful in the theoretical sections of the research.


Have you ever wanted to read an article but couldn’t make a decision because there was no proper summary on the page and couldn’t afford to waste your time reading an interesting one?

Then use our summarizing tool which will help out deciding which to read by taking out the important factors of that particular article or a book. To list it out, there are a number of uses and benefits that one can avail from a summarizing tool and as the tool focuses on only the important and key points, we have put forth the same about this tool.

Hope this gives you an idea of what it is and how it works. We enjoyed letting you know about our summarizing tool and advice you to enjoy using this tool for your benefit.