We thank you for visiting the About Section of our Website. We have created this tool for helping Students, Journalists, Teachers, Researchers, and Readers to Summarize any long-form of Text.

Our Goal:
Reading long articles or documents consumes a lot of time. Our main intention in creating the tool is to save time by summarizing the content in a splash of time.

With the help of backend technology, our tool can summarize any long content by picking up the main key points.

The best part of this tool is that it will be free forever. You won’t have to pay money for using this tool.


You can provide input in form of plain text or .pdf file or .doc file or .word file or .txt file or URL.


You will get a Summarized output of 50 Words or 100 Words or 200 Words or 300 Words based on your requirements.

If you want to request any feature or report any bug then please connect with us on  [email protected] or simply visit the contact us page.