How to Avoid Plagiarism? 6 Awesome Tips

There are numerous books and articles that have unique stories and none of them are similar in any way. We all have read and enjoyed such books because it was unique. However, what if it was all the same in one or the other way? No reader would be ready to go through any of the articles because he/she already knows the story.

Plagiarism is considered as fraud and theft simultaneously because writers take the ideas of other sources and present them as their own without even giving credit to the actual source. This may even be responsible for destroying a writer’s career when the content is plagiarized. There are many types of plagiarism such as source-based plagiarism, direct plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, self or auto plagiarism, and so on.

One must be very careful while writing and should carry out many plagiarism tests before publishing the content. Are you wondering how to avoid plagiarism in the first place? Then do not worry, we shall help you to achieve the same. 

Here, we shall see some of the guidance that can help any individual to avoid plagiarism. Let’s get going…

At the initial stage let us understand, What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means duplication or replication of a particular individual’s content, idea, or logic from any source of social interaction which has a legal author with direct naming or registered by an organization.

If there is any case of plagiarism it would be considered as a serious violation of journalism ethics and that may cause a serious impact on the person who duplicated the individual’s content such as imprisonment, legal notice, a huge fine, also if the person is from a major organization the suspension is also possible.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?


Let’s know how you can avoid plagiarism in your content and can deliver unique content to your readers. 

#1 Research and analyze the topic

A writer must be aware of what he/she is going to write and on which concept. They must have supporting documents or sources to prove that the content written is purely original. To make this, one must carry out deep research about the content before writing so that no plagiarism takes place anywhere in the whole content.

#2 Don’t use repetitive words, sentences as in the original script

While writing content every word must be unique and using repetitive words or sentences of the original script can also lead to plagiarism. So, one should avoid using repetitive words, instead one should use synonyms or pronouns for the word. 

#3 Try to add your own thoughts on the content

Any content that is unique has its own value and to earn that one must be able to acquire proper knowledge about what the text that they are going to write. One must be able to write their content with their own ideas which will make their work more effective than others.

#4 Consider the surveys that would be helpful

Plagiarism is very hard to avoid during writing an article because there are many articles that may have already been written on them. There are many methods one can avoid plagiarism and conducting surveys is one of the effective methods one can carry out effectively.

#5 Consider using plagiarism tools

There are plenty of tools that can help you avoid plagiarism and can make your content unique. One can get these tools on the internet and also as applications. 

A plagiarism checker would be simple software that compares your content line by line with the database that will be available on the static database which they possess in their organization; this will result in fetching out similar lines or content of yours with original content.

#6 Quotation marks

When a quote is extracted from other content used in your article then cover it with quotation marks which depicts that it’s a direct quote that is only used to prove or support some of the points in the article.

In some of the cases the original publisher may not agree on refereeing them on your content then there should be a meeting held or permission must be taken before proceeding with their information. If agreed then the name of the original publisher must be used in your content or your sources.

When To Cite

A citation is a reference to the original content used in your research. When you directly quote, rephrase, or brief the required elements of the original publisher’s idea in your work, an in-text citation should follow. 

An in-text citation is a brief inscription within the content you are presenting that refers the reader to a complete inscription, or end-of-paper citation, that provides detailed information about that original publisher.

Some of the steps can be carried out to avoid plagiarism.

#1 Before using the Plagiarism checker this step could be manually corrected by checking the ignored quotes or incorrectly positioned citations.

#2 Rephrase a source that’s much like the original content or changes the idea of the content.

#3 Even accidental plagiarism can have a serious impact, so one must be aware of all the content he/she is writing and check it once before publishing.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What are the types of Plagiarism?

There are many types by which one can conduct plagiarism knowingly or unknowingly. Some of them are paraphrasing plagiarism, inaccurate authorship, complete plagiarism, source-based plagiarism, etc.

Q2. What are plagiarism tools?

There are many types of tools that can help you avoid plagiarism. These tools are nothing but AI-operated software that will search the whole internet for any similar content once you upload them.

Q3. What are the steps to avoid plagiarism before writing?

Before writing, one must carry out thorough research and do several surveys that can make their work even better and different from others.


Considering all the above points, one can make sure to avoid any plagiarism in his/her content by following all the guidelines mentioned above. We ensure that using these tips any better work can be expected.

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