6 Best AI Tools for Writing Content in 2022

Whenever we talk about content, we’re talking about the most influential thing on the planet right now. Content promotion and writing are the non-perishable and eternal methods of establishing your internet presence. 

Writing good, thorough content that engages visitors is not a simple task. Either you require putting in a lot of time or employing a professional content writer who knows a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimize). You’ll have to spend time and financial resources on all of these. 

However, what if you require a large amount of content in a short period of time? 

To solve this problem, numerous content writing AI applications are becoming available these days. Since the requirement for content is increasing, these tools may be of great assistance if you require high-quality content in a short period of time.

Several applications dependent on Artificial Intelligence have already been released and have proven to be major popularity in the marketplace. 

Also, if these technologies are being used to create content, why not take advantage of them? This will undoubtedly simplify the process and save time and money for the organizations.

Companies and enterprises fight to locate qualified content writers, and they are hard to locate. So, if a corporation isn’t prepared to invest in content producers right now, there are several AI tool options that don’t require a lot of money and get the work done quickly.

List of Best AI Tools for Writing Content


Out of many available AI Tools for writing content, here, we are sharing with you a list of the best AI Tools. 

#1. Wordsmith

This application has the ability to turn basic information into useful narratives. Wordsmith is well-known for providing textual analytics by translating data presented to it. This platform gained popularity for major corporations such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and PwC and they began using it to produce 1.5 million pieces of content per year. 

The tool has a subscription package that costs $250 per month and gives you access to over 1000 content. Prices may differ depending on the number of items you would like to offer. 

#2. Article Forge

This article creation application incorporates artificial intelligence technologies to automatically modify posts, just like an experienced writer would. Intelligence methods automatically research any important topic, analyze an endless number of publications, and then, produce the content in their own words. Article Forge is also assisted by the search engine’s design and functions appropriately.

The procedure ensures that the content is fully genuine. The nicest feature regarding this application is that you can configure it to publish articles on WordPress websites at a specific time. 

This fantastic application has a subscription model and it will charge you $ 297 per year or $ 47 per month to access it. The application also includes a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

#3. CopyAI

This CopyAI application assists users in overcoming the biggest dreadful difficulty faced by all authors: writer’s blockage. CopyAI can assist writers with tasks such as creating appealing marketing materials and social media headlines. 

Users can submit their thoughts, and the application will produce good outcomes on its own. They could also add more content to the samples to create them more appropriate to a specific audience, event, or marketing.

#4. Quillbot 

QuillBot is an experienced Artificial Intelligent application that identifies the maximum possibilities of any content and converts it into high-quality content for end consumers. This application replicates the human mind and manages language production systems to achieve optimum results. This application stands out from the remainder because it allows you to customize the content in any manner you need. 

As a subscriber, you will be allowed to personalize and generate a lot of useful material for the viewers using the storylines. This AI tool understands common language and determines the content processing efficiency.

#5. Grammarly

For content and advertising agencies, Grammarly is among the greatest prominent and commonly adopted AI copywriting applications. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and has a number of useful functionalities, such as the capability to identify grammatical problems in proper time and suggesting engagement and readability improvement points. 

A plagiarism analyzer is included in the premium edition, which scans approximately 8 billion website content to prevent content duplication. 

#6. Nichesss

Nichesss helps users to come up with business concepts, figure out what type of organization they want to start, and then create the appropriate content for them. Users can create content for many purposes such as Facebook advertising, social media postings, and others. 

Nichesss is a user-efficient AI application that is also reasonably priced, which stands it aside from the competition.


Q1. Is it necessary for me to be a copywriter or an experienced writer in order to utilize them?

No, as previously said, anyone may implement all of these technologies, irrespective of their skill or expertise in writing, advertising, or blogging!

Q2. Is the cost of these applications would worth it?

Yes, all the above-mentioned applications are worth their cost. Although, almost all of the technologies listed above provide free trials. So, you won’t need to spend anything in advance if you determine it isn’t for you. It is indeed interesting noting that in their most basic version, several of them are actually free to utilize. 

Q3. Is there anything I need to install on my laptop in order to utilize them?

No, you don’t require any extra software or applications to utilize these tools because they can all be accessed from your browser. Also, applications such as Grammarly can be used as Chrome add-on Extensions. 

Final Words!!

AI writing applications are a resource and a great instrument, not a substitute for content writers. The requirement for well-written, search-engine-optimized content is growing. It’s feasible to accelerate the procedure by using AI authoring tools.

Consider using one or more of the tools listed above to improve your text, greatly accelerate your writing procedure, and produce better articles more quickly. Have an excellent experience of writing with these tools!!


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