Top 6 Alternatives to Grammarly That You Can Try in 2022

To get quality content, one needs to do careful proofreading. This proofreading ensures the content has no grammar errors and plagiarism. Doing this manually is quickly difficult, however, doing it online with the use of any automatic checking application such as Grammarly is easy.

Grammarly is an excellent tool for proofreading documents and websites. This application is not only used for SEO content checking but also used for checking academic and business documents and articles. 

However, it has become quite expensive over time. Are there other tools out there that offer similar features at a lower cost?

Grammarly was founded in 2009 and became the leading provider of automated spelling and grammar checking software. The company offers its services through desktop apps, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

Grammarly is a great way to improve your writing skills, but it can get very pricey. There are plenty of free alternatives that provide similar functionality. Here are some of our favourites.

Best 6 Alternatives to Grammarly


  1. Pro writing aid

ProWritingAid provides users with an option between two different plans: Basic and Plus. The Basic plan is free but only includes one editor. The ProWritingAid app allows you to add unlimited editors to your account.

This enables you to have multiple people check your work for accuracy. You can choose from a list of subject matter experts, including doctors, professors, and lawyers. 

These editors will charge per feedback based on their experience level, which costs $0.01-$3.00 each according to the number of words they’re working on. At any given time, you can view all active editors, as well as how many words are waiting to be reviewed.

  1. Sapling

Sapling is another good grammar helper. It’s perfect for people who want to use a web-based service without giving up too much control. The basic version of the Sapling platform is entirely free of charge, though premium features such as custom spelling lists and additional editors do come at a cost. You’ll need to upgrade once you start getting close to 10k words edited per month.

  1. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is available for both Android and iOS devices. It promises to help writers edit their work using modern principles and practices. Like other editing platforms, it gives you detailed explanations about why exactly something sounds off and offers suggestions about how to fix it. 

What makes this particular app different is its support for other languages. For example, if you’re writing in Spanish, the app will highlight mistakes like “y” instead of “i”.

  1. Ginger

.The platform isn’t just for professional content creators. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can sign up and start using the service within minutes. With, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees — because it’s an entirely free service. 

However, you need to pay for a premium membership if you want to access advanced productivity features. Once you’ve made your first payment, you’ll automatically be enrolled into’s Personal Plan.

 Unlike most paid online editing platforms, where you generally have to wait around ten days before you can use the service, you’ll be able to begin right away! As part of your Premium subscription, you’ll receive 50 GB of storage space where you can upload large files quickly.

  1. Whitesmoke

Whitesmoke is yet another popular online editor that professionals have developed. Similar to the rest of the apps mentioned here, it’s also suitable for those who are looking for assistance while they write school papers or college essays.

 Its user interface isn’t quite as polished as the others; however, this doesn’t mean that the app lacks efficiency. This is probably the best option among the bunch regarding speed and functionality. What sets apart Whitesmoke from the pack, however, is its strong emphasis on quality assurance. If writers make any mistakes or forget to add important information, then they may face penalties when it comes to submitting the final draft.

  1. Slick write

Slick Write is currently the easiest and quickest way to get started with online article editing. There’s no need to download anything — go through a quick tutorial. From there, you won’t even notice that it’s an online tool rather than an offline one. 

Because it’s so simple, anyone — whether they’re an experienced writer or someone new to the craft — won’t have trouble creating great content.

This tool, apart from competitors, focuses on quality and convenience. It’ll suggest ways to improve your writing — things like removing unnecessary adverbs and phrases — and show you which parts of your essay sound sloppy. This helps ensure that users have high-quality documents that pass plagiarism checks. 


Q1. What does the grammar checker do?

A grammar checker scans your written language for grammatical mistakes along with readability and engagement scale. After checking it suggests improvements and helps to make content more impactful. 

Q2.What are the benefits of using a grammar-check application? 

Using a Grammar check application can help improve your grades in English Language Arts or as a writer grow into your published work. 

Q3. When should I use the Grammar check application?

It is helpful to use a grammar check application before submitting a write-up so that you can submit an accurate write-up to the respective person. 

Q4. How to choose the best Grammarly Alternative? 

Out of many alternatives of Grammarly, you must select an alternative that comes under your budget and suggests all needed improvements such as grammar mistakes, readability scale, engagement scale, etc. 

Q5. Is content safe at online grammar checkers? 

Yes, your content will be safe with prominent online grammar checkers such as Grammarly and its alternatives. 


Whether you are writing academic content, business content, or content for digital marketing purposed, the content must be accurate in terms of grammar. If any grammar mistake occurs, it degrades the quality of content. Thus, using online Grammar checking applications such as Grammarly is essential.

As Grammarly is an expensive one, we have listed some best alternatives for you with the hope that it will enhance the quality of your next write-up. 


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