How to Summarize an Essay?

Summarizing an essay is no different than condensing a paragraph. When you write a conclusion for the paragraph, you will close it within 2 to 3 sentences. On the contrary, the conclusion of an essay will be longer. However, like an essay or article, you need to find out the main idea to write a proper close.

The main idea of condensing is to provide an overview of the work in a nutshell. It should have all the main points but should be devoid of trivial. In the case of an essay, it will give the reader what the work is about and helps him judge whether it will hold his interest while reading. 

The essay will have:

1. Introduction

A presentation expresses the subject of a paper and readies the peruser for a conversation of that subject. Most frequently, this subject is expressed in a thesis statement. It is the controlling thought of the whole article.

2. Body

The body comprises passages that back up the theory proclamation. These sections typically contain realities and models that assist the peruser with understanding the theory all the more plainly. 

Typically, these passages start with a theme sentence that comprises the principal thoughts of the entire essay. These primary thoughts connect with the proposal proclamation and assist with making the postulation explanation clear.

3. Conclusion:

Finally, at the end of the essay comes the conclusion. It supports the arguments made in favor of the principal matter of discussion in the essay.

Steps involved in summarizing an essay:


1. Read the essay thoroughly

Allow yourself to peruse the paper or article at least a few times. Read it at the initial time at your typical speed, taking it in all. Then read it a second time all the more intentionally, noticing whatever is particularly significant. Record those significant segments by clarifying the text that implies underlining, featuring, or recording that data on paper or your PC.

2. Start writing a summary

Set the essay aside when now is the ideal time to begin composing the synopsis. It will assist you with assessing exactly how well you realize what you’ve understood two times and explained. 

Think about it along these lines: what might you say assuming a companion asked you what a film was about that you saw last the end of the week? 

Odds are you could run through a fair synopsis of the film absent a lot of exertion. You might have failed to remember minute things, however, you recall the main theme. The same is valid here: what are the significant features of the article you read? Note it down to create a wonderful summary.

3. Compare essay and summary

Contrast your synopsis and the essay. Add anything clear that you recently overlooked, and ensure that you don’t duplicate anything from it. The synopsis ought to be an intensive, fair, objective repetition of the essay.

Wrapping up!!

Summary of an easy must be able to deliver all concepts included in the essay. It can be done with the step of steps such as summarizing an essay including underlining, featuring, or recording data on paper or your PC.

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