How To Write A LinkedIn Summary?

It has become quite easy these days to find a job or to find an employee for a vacancy in the company. This has only been possible through advances in digital technology, especially social media. Nowadays, when an unemployed person wants to find a job then within his or her reach there are several websites that provide the job to any qualified suitable person.

There are many job search websites and one of the highly recommended is LinkedIn as on this platform there are high chances of landing their dream job. The users must mention their details such as their education, personal details, professional details, experiences, or any other special information that the employee wishes to mention.

There is also an empty space where one should write a small summary about them which may include their goal in their upcoming job, their talents, why should you hire me? Or what kind of employee he/she is, etc. can be mentioned therein. This short summary helps employers to choose their perfect candidate at ease.

Hence, one has to make it a priority to write one of the most attractive and effective summaries to impress their employers. Are you wondering how to write a good summary for LinkedIn that can impress your hiring company? Then you are in the right place to find out. Here, we shall see how to write a LinkedIn summary.

How to write a LinkedIn summary?


#1 Decide the content

One must first decide what to mention about themselves which can make their hiring company focus on your profile. This may include anything that is related to the work which you are aiming for, the person that you want to be in that company, the person that you are, etc. These are some of the LinkedIn summary examples which can attract an employer to your profile. 

Choose the content wisely as it decides the company that you are going to get selected. Though your academic marks matter, so does the first impression of yourself. 

#2 Include attractive keywords

While writing a summary on LinkedIn one should keep in mind to include commonly used keywords, that way the employers can easily find the profile. Many companies search for candidates suited for their job profile and the candidate must ensure to mention such keywords.

By using the words which imply meaning full and yet specific use then the recruiters will be impressed and may opt you for their post. Always keep your major keywords at the beginning of the sentences and always keep them straight to the point.

#3 Short and strong paragraphs

No recruiter wants to waste their time on a single profile reading a page of summary about yourself and what are your aims. Before writing a LinkedIn summary, one should always keep in mind that employers are very selective and look for the appropriate person for their job. 

If the candidate wants to impress and prove to the employer that he/she is the one they are looking for, he should focus on keeping it interesting but short and should be the best summary for LinkedIn

#4 Keep updating the summary

When you have written an interesting paragraph in the summary try to keep updating as no one knows what an employer could be impressed with. A summary that hasn’t changed for a long time may not appear often to the employers during the search.

Keeping updated also helps you to come across many interesting facts about yourself and also high chances of getting picked as the keywords may match easily.

#5 Write it in your own words

Do not carry words for others’ sayings or proverbs and also do not copy other summaries which can give a bad influence on your profile. Understand the main purpose of the summary, which is to define yourself in your own words. Do not waste the sentences by quoting someone else’s sayings.

If the whole summary is short, and it’s all about your improvements or achievements or goals then only the recruiters may find it interesting and attractive.

#6 Describe your life out of work

Yes, you heard it right. Though every employer looks after the candidate’s academic achievements, they also consider your activities outside the workplace. This shows them how the candidate spends his free time and what are all his/her hobbies which can benefit them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How to write a LinkedIn summary without experience?

One can include all his/her academic achievements, skills towards their preferred job, interest and passion, and so on. A candidate can be mentioned as an extremely proactive learner while writing a summary even though they do not have any experience in the job. Summary for LinkedIn profile for freshers is also considered and hired by many of the companies.

Q2 How does a LinkedIn summary help in finding a job?

The LinkedIn summary helps a person to showcase his talent, creativeness, passion, and all the factors that a mark sheet cannot define. Thus, every individual must be able to write an attractive summary to attract employers towards them.

Q3 What are keywords, and why is it important in a summary?

The most common and popular words that are related to your job profile can be keywords in a LinkedIn summary. When the employers try to search their candidates by entering some keywords related to the job profile then these words will help you by appearing in their list.

Q4 What must be the length of the summary?

The paragraph mentioned in the LinkedIn summary must not exclude more than forty words. This helps the employer not to lose his/her interest in reading your profile.


Considering all the above points, we can conclude that using the mentioned tips one can easily write a summary on LinkedIn and have the highest rate of getting hired when compared to others.

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