Top 5 Alternatives to Quillbot Worth Trying

If you are a content writer, you must have listened to the name of QuillBot. It is an application or content writing tool most popular among writers. It is a computer program that automatically paraphrases text. The software also provides synonyms and related ideas for every phrase it creates, with the option to remove words or phrases.

This AI software also analyzes sentence structure, rate of use, and words per minute to help students improve their writing skills. It’s available on Android and iOS devices. It works by processing the text in real-time. 

About QuillBot

QuillBot analyses sentences, clauses, and phrases; then, it finds the most suitable synonyms based on its analysis. The program was initially developed to help students take exams to improve their performance. Still, it has since gained popularity worldwide as a learning tool used by professionals in publishing and law enforcement.

The program can also be used as a plagiarism detector, and it is capable of repurposing text in various formats. For example, the user can convert a poem into a song or an essay into a rap. The software is also easy to implement in existing systems. It has been integrated with several popular websites, including Facebook.

Everybody needs to paraphrase sometimes. It’s the act of rewriting a piece of text to say the same thing but uses different words. By using a paraphrasing tool, you can have your sentences reformatted without having to retype them. 

However, due to some reasons, everyone can’t afford to work with Quillbot and seeks alternatives. The following are ten excellent tools that you can use when you need help with paraphrasing and they can be used as the best alternatives for Quillbot.

Best 5 Alternatives to QuillBot


#1. Spinbot

Spinbot is an online article and blog post spinning tool. You can type in any sentence, which will turn it into unique content on any topic. 

This spinned content is also SEO-friendly, thus writers don’t need to worry about Google ranking. One of the most significant advantages is that you can choose from a wide variety of topics, so you can be sure to find the best paraphrase for your needs. 

It also allows for using actual images and videos, making publishing your article faster. That means one can get ready to publish content with this tool. 

#2. Spinner chief

Spinnerchief is one of the newest paraphrasing tools out there, although, it has good popularity because of its features.  It enables you to rewrite any written content with just a few clicks.

The best part is that this tool is entirely free and doesn’t require registration or even heftier payments such as other paraphrasing tools do via PayPal or a monthly fee. It supports English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian, among others.

#3. Rephraser 

The rephrase is a paraphrasing tool that can be used to rewrite any text. You can use it by simply typing in the sentence you would like to have rewritten or typing in the text that you would like to have rewritten, and then entering the number of words or letters you’d like to have changed.

#4. Paraphraser

The paraphraser is another excellent online paraphrasing tool, but it’s slightly different from the ones above: you don’t need to type anything in at all. Instead, this tool will do all of the work for you. All you need to do is paste your chosen passage into the box and click “Start”. All your words will be displayed in the new sentence.

#5. Paraphrasing Tool 

This is a fantastic tool that can help you. Over time, this software has evolved and changed in terms of its features, usability, and more. 

With the software application, you can use it online or download it to your computer. It never hurts to have a paraphrasing tool on hand because some phrases are typically used by people who are very good in the language and may give wrong information during the translation process. 


Q1. What is paraphrasing software?

A software replaces the words in your sentences with synonyms, antonyms, or other related terms. It will correct grammar and spelling errors as it goes.

Q2. How can I use paraphrasing software?

You need to enter your text into the program first, then select if you want to use it just for grammatical correction or for helping with finding synonyms and antonyms. The final option is to do both.

Q3. How much time does it take to translate my text?

It depends on the size of the text. Most of them will work with a small one-page text, and they all have a minimum translation length of five sentences. If you want, you can also send your text, and it will translate it right away without making you wait for an answer.

Q4. Which features should I look for in paraphrasing software?

In addition to the features described above, you should also look for their ability to use offline dictionaries. Some will let you input a word by yourself and provide you with synonyms and antonyms, while others will only have them pre-installed.

Q5. Is it worth paying for paraphrasing software?

Paying for excellent paraphrasing software is recommended. The free tools available on the market are limited, and you may have to download them one by one to try them out. If you pay for a device, you have access to all the features right away.

Bottom Line!

Paraphrasing is so essential in many ways. One can consider using above mentioned tools for multiple purposes, such as reviews, articles, or other forms of writing that need proper flow and readability. With these software applications, you can focus on the target audience or the message you’re trying to convey. 

In short, these applications can be beneficial for writers, essayists, and other forms of writers because writing seems complicated. These applications can make your prose more concise and easier to understand and improve your writing skills which are always important.

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