List Of Best Tools For Summarizing The Text

We live in a growing and busy world where no one has the time to read a book or write one. Everyone is looking for a shortcut or the easiest way to grasp knowledge and to go ahead with their life’s goal. There is a method that helps us to gain the information at the earliest possible and that is through summarizing any content.

In the olden days, though we had the opportunity to convert lengthy content into a short summary, we had to do it by ourselves. This led to many mistakes, issues, not covering the major points, misleading the audience, and so on. No proper tool was there to help the writers or the readers to convert the content into a summary. 

Over a period of time, there have been changes or improvements in technology, and it has gifted us with many tools that can help us out in any situation. Any individual might wonder that there are a number of tools in the market and which one is the best and which to use. Can we depend on an unknown tool for our future results?

Do not worry, we are here to help you out. Here, we shall see some best summarizing tools that can be used for any type of text. Then what are we waiting for? Come on, let’s get going…

What Is Summarizing?

Summarizing is a simple word that means shortening a lengthy text. An article with many pages is shortened by collecting some major kept points of the content and forming a paragraph. This helps the reader to get a glimpse of the book or article and nurtures the excitement of reading the same.

There are some of the best tools which can help you to summarize the content in a fraction of seconds. Stay with us and we shall let you know.

List of best tools for summarizing text


#1 Summarizing Tool

There is a reason that we mentioned this tool in the first suggestion as it has been one of the highly recommended tools by many of the users. One of the major reasons to stand first in the list of the best tools is its unique design and fast result when compared to others. Once the user enters the text or pastes it into the box, he/she shall press the summarize button.

The rest of your worry is taken care of by our summarizing tool. The tool makes sure to catch only the important and related sentences and combines them forming a short and sweet paragraph. 

It is easy to use with the best outputs. For more details, you can visit

#2 Scholarcy

As the name itself indicates this tool is mainly used by students, researchers, teachers, and so on. The major benefit of this tool is that it breaks down the text within minutes. This is majorly used by the students for their projects or assignments to write summaries in the most effective manner.

One of the interesting features of Scholarcy is that we can extract key points and references and create a summary in no time. It has been one of the best tools used in the country.

#3 SummarizeBot

This helps in converting large or huge portions of the content or text into accurate summaries making it easier to read and digest within a few minutes. It helps us to focus on essential key features of the content and efficiently includes browser links and websites at ease. 

Therefore, any individual with a business to run can be benefited from this at greater heights. This tool mainly runs on AI and is automatic hence; fewer errors and difficulties in reading can be expected.

#4 Text compactor

Text compactor is basically used by every individual who wants their text to be perfectly summarized with no cost. In this tool, the user has to set the percentage of the text that one has to summarize that is from one to a hundred percent. After getting the result, if the user is not satisfied then he/she can rest the percentage and try again for more accurate results.

It is one of the most user-friendly sites ever when compared to others as it does not ask the user to sign up or ask for the URL of any website. Just one click and a summary of your content is ready to be presented.

#5 Simplifly

SImplifly is one of the widely used tools because of its famous feature that there is no character limit. Any amount of data can be converted to a summary by just copying the text and pasting it on the field. Before pasting the content to the websites, kindly remove the headline so that more effective data can be retrieved.

It also helps the news anchor to summarize their news and deliver it more effectively without having to work on their own.

#6 Resoomer

This tool mainly allows the user to filter the content and provide only the most important sentences required. Even in this, one can set the percentage of the text that has to be summarized. This is one of the best and most widely popular among youths. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1.  How to choose the best summarizing tool?

One can choose the tool based on its features and other benefits such as cost-free, swift summarizing, limitless characters, good readability, etc. 

Q2.  Which is the best summarizing tool?

When compared to each other summarizing tool is the best as it is powered by high-tech AI and provide summarized result more accurately than others. 

Q3.  What should be the length of a summary in a summarizing tool?

The length of the summary depends upon the length of the content used to convert. Though the content is big enough, try to complete the summary in not more than 40-50 words.


In the above points, we have seen some of the best tools that can be used to summarize the content. These tools can provide you with a good summary of your content. Among all, the Summarizing tool is the best and can convert your content into a summary in no time irrespective of the length of your content. 


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